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Lunch in mountain village, France

Diane Monet is always searching for beauty. As the Scriptures encourage: "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." (Philippians 4:8 NIV)


On location in the Loire Valley

Diane Monet is an artist who is passionate about capturing the beauty of nature. Her impressionist-inspired style features vibrant landscapes, gardens, and villages that are full of joyous moods, vivid colors, luminosity, and technical depth. Through her art, she aims to share her vision of the world and inspire others to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Diane Monet revels in colors and chooses settings abounding in vivid shades. Then she adds her own touch. She can turn a simple shadow into a kaleidoscope, a body of water into a montage, a sky into an eternal field of cotton, a tulip into a bright semaphore. Whether her brushstrokes are fine or free, color reigns majestic.

"My subjects must first resonate deeply within me,

so that I want to share their joy and their peace with my  audience.

Whether landscapes, gardens or villages, each has invited me to enjoy God's simple blessings here on Earth.

Diane Monet

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Alexandre Monet -- Diane Monet's grandfather -- moved to the United States from Paris at the age of 24, working as a chef and sign-painter. He was always proud to note that he was a relative of Claude Monet, the artist.


Diane grew up in the New York area and went on to graduate from New York University with an honors degree in international marketing. She also studied at the National University of Mexico. After graduation, she was responsible for marketing consumer products at Avon, Brisol-Meyers and PepsiCo. However, her leisure time painting was no longer sufficient, so her late husband Gary encouraged her to devote full time to artistic endeavors. Artistically, she is self-taught. By painting almost every day, she is always seeking to improve her craft.

Diane has lived in the New York area most of her life, but with a very strong wanderlust. Her father said that she "lives in a fantasy world", and a close friend said that she was "born to play". She travels extensively and feels very much at home in Europe and in Mexico. She actually spends half the year in her beloved France, cherishing every minute of it.

It is this sense of fantasy, play and joyfulness that she tries to communicate in her work.

me. It's easy.


During her travels, in France and often in Italy, Diane Monet searches for settings that inspire her, sketching and photographing gardens, landscapes, and other vistas that have the potential to bring joy and beauty to her work. Returning home, she then chooses those subjects that she believes will be most enjoyed by others as well, plans her artistic strategy, and then adds her impressionistic interpretation, not to mention many meticulously applied layers of oil on canvas, including some with a fine eyeliner brush.


Filming for France 3 Interview


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Throughout her life, Diane Monet has admired the art of Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Childe Hassam, J.M.W. Turner, and the drawings of Peter Paul Rubens.

She paints all day - sometimes losing herself well into the evening - and is often found painting in the dark after the sun sets, as if she is painting only with the eye of her mind.

 "Running, climbing, seeking something
Maybe it's the substance of things

that exist in my dreams,
Snatches of feelings,

premonitions of warmth and content,
Hints of what life can be."

Diane Monet


Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement Award


Marquis Who's Who Top Artist


TV interview on France 3 T.V., France


Full page interview in Nice Matin Newspaper, France


Official artist for Le Cercle des Palaces Retrouvés, France


Listed in Who's Who of American Artists


Listed in Who's Who of American Women


Printed by H. George Caspari, Inc. New York


Published by John Szoke Graphics, New York


Published by Arte Inc., Tokyo, Japan


Published by Scandecor International, Germany


Represented in numerous private collections


Commissioned work by the Yonkers Historical Society


Teacher and Lecturer of Art, Christ Church, Bronxville, NY

Member of Humane Society International

Member of Felix Felis, France


"There is so much beauty in the world that many never see.

I would show it all to you,

if you were here with me."
Diane Monet

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