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"Love's Lavender"

Retour Giverny 2

Retour à Giverny

Diane Monet delights in sharing vibrant landscapes, gardens and villages.

Her own impressionist-inspired style features joyous moods, vivid colors, luminosity and technical depth.

Diane Monet has created in excess of 500 original oil paintings which have been acquired by collectors worldwide.

Her paintings - vibrant, optimistic and inviting - stand in proud contradistinction to those that seek to be dark, shocking, and reserved for the cognoscenti.

Her work was once described as "unabashedly beautiful."

On all levels, whether visual, spiritual, or emotional, a Monet is clearly meant to be enjoyed - and shared!

"Tapisserie des Reves"

Coup de Foudre 16x20.JPG

"Coup de Foudre"

"Garden Path"


"Dans mes Reves"

Premieres Floraisons de Printemps 18x24.png

"Premieres Floraisons de Printemps"

Diane Monet paints six days a week.

The amount of time required for each painting is considerable since her technique requires adding many layers - and each must slowly dry before the next can be applied - to achieve the depth and luminosity for which she is known. She may work on a single painting over several months.

Originals vary in size

from 11"x14" up to 30"x30".

"Love Lasts Forever"

"Benedictions d'Ete"

Diane Monet's impressionism requires painstaking attention. As a result, her work is proudly beautiful, and she will never be known as a "prolific" artist. But regardless of the setting, the colors never fail to move her audience and warm their hearts. Red poppies and yellow sunflowers. Lavender fields and pink pathways. Apricot and mauve architecture. And always those cotton-speckled, purplish-blue skies.

"Les Iris de Giverny"

"Dimanche Ensoleille"


Ete en Provence 14x14.jpg

"Ete en Provence"

"Vue de la Villa Maria Serena"

Harvest in Giverny 18x24.jpg

"Harvest in Giverny"

"Les Jours d'Ete"

"Les Vignes du Seigneur"

"My Summer Garden"

"Au Printemps"

"Top of the World"

"Boutons d'Or"

"Le Plateau de Vaucluse"

"To Live For"

Coeur de Provence 2.jpg

"Coeur de Provence"

"September in Cimiez"

"La Vie Est Belle"

"La Rue Fleurie"

"Marche de Provence"

Perfect Peace 24x24.png

"Perfect Peace"

"Love's Embrace"

"Early Snow in Bordeaux"

"Dejeuner en Provence"

"Fleurs de  Printemps"

"Vue sur Roquebrume"

"Serene St Tropez"

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